About Us

Conceived from a desire to serve up a wholesome Jamaican experience, Irie Entrée's concept is simply a combination of the island's authentic flavors with fine culinary craftsmanship, served in an ambience reminiscence of a warm and cozy Jamaican resort.

From the black wooded ceiling mimicking the island's outdoor kitchen ceilings blackened from smoke; to the exposed uneven brick interior and the industrial accents throughout, every detail of our restaurant's theme is deliberate and tells a true Jamaican story. Our guests will come for meals and leave with complimentary lessons about our rich culture.

While embodying a casual dining setting, our concept draws on numerous elements of a finer dining experience, placing great emphasis on splendid hospitality, staff politeness and superb customer service.

What's cooking? How about Oxtail tacos for Taco Tuesdays(casava tortillas of course), Ackee and Saltfish Spring Roll, Jerk Chicken in pineapple, tamarind or mango jerk sauce? Our kitchen menu will carry all the favorites with our unique twists, staying true to the authentic flavors while appealing to even the most insatiable palates.

Being physically positioned among the food shops at PENN, our success demands of us to bring diversity as we cater to a wide customer base; from students, neighborhood pedestrians and business luncheons during the day to those special dinner meals and happy hour bites – be it just for eating out or for marking an occasion; our menu will be curated and moderately priced to satisfy our customers whilst secure a substantial profit for us.

We can't leave out the drinks and the desserts. Ocho Rios, Blue Lagoon, Milk River Bath and Rio Grande are names of water attractions (rivers) in Jamaica. But at Irie Entrée these are some of the names of our specialty cocktails. Since Ocho Rios means eight rivers, it is certain that this cocktail will be a blend of eight liqueurs. And for dessert, Bailey's Bread Pudding and Fruit Rum Cake are surely among the sweet treats.

The inescapable tantalizing aromas emanating from our semi-opened kitchen and the sound of Reggae music are what will lay the backdrop for the second-to-none experience, leaving our customers always wanting a repeat.

The colloquial word Irie means good or great feeling and Entrée refers to food. The name IRIE ENTRÉE is defined by our slogan, "Great Vibe, Great Food". Our name itself succinctly sums up our concept.